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P.R.M.C. is a group of fathers supported by many who enjoy giving back to the fathers who want to be great dads. As parents, losing full-time access to our children in the midst of a divorce or separation can be a challenging experience.

The frustration may magnify if the custodial parent is uncooperative or incompatible. Unless a court has terminated your parental rights, non-custodial parents still have the rights to limited visitation and the right to participate in significant decisions affecting the welfare of their child(ren).

Our goal at Predator Ryders is to promote P.R.M.C. (Protecting the Rights of Men & Children) and go the extra mile by building character, skills, and opportunity for young men who don't understand fatherhood. Those who are experienced and want to get their life back on track should want to attend seminars we have across the U.S. We realize that this epidemic is astronomical, stressful, and rewarding all at the same time.

Courts often get it wrong; they misinterpret non-custodial parents situation due to the lack of time with too many cases coming into their courtrooms. A lot of times, judges tend to have 100 + cases on their desk on a Monday morning! If the non-custodial parent has no representation, chances of that parent's voice heard are slim to none, and the case has a high probability of being lost and frustrated. 

Healthy relationships with both parents are in the BEST interests of the child(ren), and to many NCP (non-custodial parents) are being misinformed because they don’t know what steps and legal rights they have behind them. We want to see a higher success rate when it comes to NCP rights.

Take a stand! Support NCP’s with our cause! We need you! We need the supporters and volunteers alike. Just remember, one step at a time is all an NCP and child needs to unite and bond for a lifetime.

Our Members 
Paul "PJ"Johnson Sr.  
Adrian "Speedy" Florez

Original Member 

Christopher "Byrdie"Gammont 

President of Las Vegas Chapter 


John "Tank" Stallard

Executive member 


Joshua "Buckshot" Warn
Sharekia "Phoenix" Johnson

Vice President of Arizona Chapter 


Executive Member 


Predator Ryders MC



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Surprise, AZ 85379 

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