Protecting the Rights of Men  & Children 

Since 2004, fathers, especially those that wish to remain a very influential part of their children's lives face many challenges when it comes to separation, divorce, custody, and child support. We have noticed the increasing need to aid non-custodial mothers as well; enduring the same heartache and scrutiny.


P.R.M.C. are bridging gaps for those parents who have strong desire to create bonds and breaking trends by fighting for what matters the most! Predator Ryders and its members are creating a curriculum that will enhance our men and women one by one by providing solutions and objectives to promote self-worth with educating and prepping those who qualify for specific free training.

What does Predator Ryders do other than motorcycles? 

Predator Ryders (P.R.M.C.) writes letters on behalf of the non-custodial parent and to hundreds of parents and courts across the country

We also host events such as technology as the basic understanding of the personal computer, essential business acumen, and techniques, enhancing writing skills, resume building, life coaching, and counseling.


Our goal is to continue to CP & NCP in the attempt to reconnect their children and provide assistance in keeping them engaged.

Predator Ryders MC


16772 W Bell Rd Ste 123

Surprise, AZ 85379 

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